Elevate & Evolve

A Dyadic Approach to Transformation

Meet Dr. Vang

After 15 years as a healthcare professional, I have learned the secret that most don't understand about fulfillment and success. I want to share this with you and help you CREATE, CURATE, and CLAIM your DESIRED LIFE!

Hello there, I’m Vang Thao-Xiong, founder of Elevate and Evolve, where I guide healthcare professionals through their journey of personal development and professional excellence to fulfill their purpose. I've been an RN for the last 12 years, achieved my Doctorate of Nursing Practice and MBA at the age of 36 and climbed the corporate ladder. What I found is that my mindset and soul was at the center of it all. From my experiences, I will teach you the art of mastering your mind and sharpening your skills so you significantly elevate yourself and evolve your life.